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If you want to save money, you can get a fixed-height, no-storage version of this bench for less than $200. If you want the height adjustment and storage space features, however, you can add those separately for a small upgrade in cost. A good piano bench is essential in learning how to play the instrument correctly.

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What’s the difference between a piano bench and a piano stool?

Having a supportive backrest to your chair is the height of luxury when it comes to music-making. That being said, backed chairs are more expensive and generally less portable. Keep in mind, however, that the back of either chair is only 13 inches up from the seat and might not fully support your back, especially if you’re tall. In contrast, musicians need to sit up straight with a neutral spine, with feet grounded on the floor for stability. They need to maintain a 90º angle in their knees and a greater than 90º angle between their thighs and back. And a musician needs to move freely around the chair, unimpeded by arms or a wide back. In this case, you will have to lean forward, it will be difficult to reach the keys in the upper and lower registers of the piano.

They are designed to go to the right height to provide ultimate comfort and are perfect for those who play for prolonged periods. When you choose a bench yourself, it better be the perfect height or else you may have to compromise on comfort, which may impact your freedom of movement during playing. Piano Benches with StorageMany of these will also include a storage space for sheet music storage and music books, but not all. Let’s start with the classic duet hard-top wooden bench. With this in mind, make sure you’re sitting on the front half of your seat so that you can move your torso – but back enough to feel stable and not wobbly!

With modern-style portable benches you’re often limited to preset height positions, while traditional-style benches give you more freedom with gradual adjustment. Modern benches are more low-profile, portable, and storable. They’re also cheaper and will match visually with digital pianos. Traditional benches will fit better, visually, with an acoustic piano.

Concert Artist Piano Bench

The seat padding could be thicker for even more comfort during long practice sessions. The storage compartment is not very spacious and may not be able to hold larger music books. The bench can easily seat two persons, making it great for both professional performances and household practice or teaching. Most importantly, try a piano bench before you buy it. If you’re a parent or teacher, you may want to consider a wider duet bench so you can play with your child and/or student.

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Many acoustic pianos also come with a quiet practice pedal. While adults are busy people, they also have initiative, which makes them perfect for self-paced learning.

It also comes with a sleek black finish meant to blend into the background of live performances and practice sessions. At only 14.2 lbs., you can take this bench anywhere easily.

If you want to bring your playing to the next level, expect to practice with a metronome. You can buy a stand-alone metronome, download an app, or even search Google for “metronome” and use their free tool. Unless you never listen to music ever, chances are you’ve had more exposure to music than most children. If you know how to keep a beat and sing a melody, you’re well on your way to success.

At less than $60, it’s no wonder why HOMCOM’s portable benches have so many positive reviews. They could add to your journey as well, check out the HOMCOM piano bench if you want one of the best duet benches for cheap. At just over 20 lbs., it isn’t too difficult to take this bench with you on the road. If you choose to do so, you’ll have a great piano bench at each of your performances. Check out the Roland RPB-300 if you’re in the market for one of the best duet benches money can buy.

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