When, Where, and How to Use an Engineering Seal

But if something goes wrong, the results in terms of your liability and professional accreditation could be catastrophic. Always make sure that your engineer stamp is in a place where only you have access to it. This cannot be overstated – you must not affix your engineer stamp to any reports, plans, specifications or plats unless you are fully prepared to guarantee that the work is adequate. If you do so, and the work is found to be inadequate, or if it is determined that you did not thoroughly proof the work, the Board will consider you to have committed professional misconduct – in short, fraud.

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We understand that your PE stamp is a small and simple tool, but one that you rely on. A self-inking stamp contains a built-in stamp pad inside the device. Order your digital or physical stamp today to get free shipping and a lifetime warranty. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to choose the right engineering stamp for your business needs. Watch our “How to E-Sign Documents with Smart Cards” video to see how this works.

When should a professional engineer seal be used?

It is also possible to include a visual representation of your electronic seal and place it at the desired location in your document. In this blog post, I’m going to show how you can apply an electronic seal on the document to certify the origin and authenticity of these documents. Our wood stamps and seals are hand-assembled in-house by our production team. These stamps are durable and make incredibly efficient use of their ink. Each stamp is good for 5,000 impressions, and the ink pad can be re-inked or replaced for continual use.

Digital Signing of Test Reports: When is it Required and How to do it Right

These stamps come with an ink pad built in, so you don’t need to worry about re-inking them after each use. Self-Inking Seals are available in a variety of sizes and ink colors, so you can find the perfect stamp for your needs.

When Is a Professional Engineer Required to Use an Engineering Seal?

Confirming the validity of a signed document requires only a PDF viewer that is compatible with the PDF standard. The PDF viewer is capable of finding digital signatures in a document and verifying their validity. Open the signed document and either click on one of the signature blocks or open the Signature Panel. ESS is a leading producer of professional seals and stamps for engineers and architects. Read more about Electronic Architect Stamp here. All stamp products that we produce are done to the rules of the state laws. A free electronic comes with a stamp purchase (jpg format) and is typically sent via email within one business day.

You acquire this seal at your own expense and affix it to all documents and drawings that you submit. It must be fully compliant with the Georgia seal requirements set out by the Georgia state board for professional engineers and land surveyors. An entity that issue certificates and vouches for the identity of the owners of those certificates is called a Certificate Authority (CA). The basic premise is that the CA is vouching for the link between an individual’s identity and his or her public key. Without the use of digital signatures, your document-based transactions may not be legally binding, putting you and your organization at risk in the event of a compliance audit or legal case. When it comes to a visual representation, digital signatures can have images embedded along with accompanying text that contains extra details around the signing event, such as the name of the signer. This can make placing a 2” diameter stamp on a Letter sized report a challenge.

You may not use your Georgia professional engineer stamp or seal on any specifications, plans, plats or reports unless you have personally performed the work. In most states, yes they can — an electronic stamp suffices for engineering documents.

However, each state has its own specific requirements for layout, size, and text details. It’s likely that you’ll use your electronic stamp more than your ink stamp. So, Pro Stamps provides complimentary electronic engineer seals with any PE stamp purchase.

Seals are confusing, and many registered professional engineers misuse or omit it. A seal for Texas will look different from South Carolina or Florida.

A digital signature, on the other hand, is not a different type of electronic signature. It refers to encryption/decryption technology and a subset of an electronic signature. A digital signature alone however is not an e-signature and therefore cannot capture a person’s intent to sign a document.

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