How to Take a Sauna: Etiquette, Duration, Safety, & More

Choose based on your preference, and don’t be shy to relocate if it turns out to be too hot. If you’re taking any prescription medications, talk to your doctor before using a sauna. This little gem was easy to build and is quick to heat up. We tried it for the first time yesterday and it worked perfectly for a two person sauna. This might be avoided if the vista window was double pane. After 10 or 15 minutes, take a break for at least 15 minutes to cool down. Traditionally, you would cool down with a “plunge pool,” or another Finnish tradition, a roll in the snow!

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It can be helpful to visualize the transformation occurring at the cellular level as a means of encouraging physiological changes (1). You’re accumulating heat, your body starts to transfer it through the body, and you heat up more and more. There’s a plethora of research supporting the benefits of infrared saunas. For instance, a study from Binghamton University in New York discovered improved heart function and reduced cholesterol levels after consistent infrared sauna use. Even during your first session, the heat from infrared saunas can boost circulation.

Guiding you in the wellness practice of sauna

Read more about Sauna kit here. It is a smooth, full-body feeling and there is just no substitute for it. It is hard to describe the feeling if you haven’t experienced it – but once you have, you won’t forget it.

Should everyone just jump right in and enjoy the benefits of a sauna?

Although an outdoor sauna leans more traditional (and is a chic addition to the backyard), building a sauna room inside your home is really not as disruptive as it sounds. If you’re looking to enhance your sauna experience, consider our high-quality saunas made with Canadian western red cedar. Discover the power of heat exposure with the ELU experience. However, it’s important to note that preferences vary between regions and individuals. The Finnish Sauna Society suggests a temperature range of 80-90°C ( °F) for a traditional sauna experience. Believe it or not—intervals can actually help out with your weight loss goals. Assuming you have a dry sauna that gets very hot and a nearby shower, you’ve got everything you need to use the sauna to promote recovery so you can keep training or get back to it.

But let’s look into it a bit deeper, because it gets quite complex. All that water you were drinking during your first round starts escaping through your pores, cleaning your skin naturally. Ride this round out in similar fashion, shower again, and return to your outdoor chill area. The journey to realizing the full spectrum of infrared sauna benefits is both invigorating and enlightening. While the timeline varies for each individual, the rewards, both immediate and long-term, are undeniable.

Materials, installation, permissions, and alterations may all need to be included in at extra expense. You should always, always be extra careful with the sauna temperature. You must not have heard of the 2010 World Sauna Championships (yes, people do crazy things like this). Dry off after your final round (I always take at least 3 sauna rounds) and your ready to hit the town or your pillow back in the hotel room. Is there little wonder then why they are known for great soft clear skin and strong hearts?!!. Statistics show Finns have among the longest life spans of any group of people, they attribute this to the constant use of the Sauna. To get any real benefit from your Sauna I recommend using it Daily, or at least 2-3 times a week.

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