How to rent an apartment in Paris when you come from abroad? Tips for tenants

Apartments are rented for a minimum of one month lease, and you may select your preferred lease length from 1-6 months or over 6 months. When you first move in, you’ll need to pay a three month deposit. (With subleases it’s usually 1 or 2 months paid directly to the subleaser.) In Switzerland, the deposit is placed in a special bank account opened by your own bank in the tenant’s name. So when you log in to your online bank account, you’ll see that separate account listed with your other Norma ones. That being said, you need a local Swiss bank account in order to be able to rent in Switzerland. If you’ve ever picked up and moved to a new place, you know that it takes a minute to learn the lay of the land.

I looked at hundreds of apartment complexes online while I was home for the summer from my first year of college. I knew just what I was getting with floor plans, professional photos and a clear list of complex amenities. If you already live in Berlin, ask your Hausverwaltung if they have other apartments to rent. They can put you on a waiting list, and show you unlisted apartments. If you don’t have EU citizenship or permanent residence, you won’t get a mortgage.

In the current Paris rental market, demand definitely exceeds supply. Consequently, French landlords can be choosy as to whom they pick as tenants – especially as French laws favor tenants. The software also analyzes rent prices in the broader market, the company said.

When you arrive here, grab some food and go to your temporary apartment, don’t spend time anywhere else. You see, everyone who comes here makes the same exact mistake, people just want to relax after a flight. I did the same thing, I was just wondering around for the first day and hadn’t done a thing. We guide millions of families through each step of their moving process, helping them save time and money, and making sure nothing gets left behind. It is quite easy to find the perfect apartment; however, the same cannot be said for affordable apartments. More often than not, you’ll find apartments that you absolutely love; however, they may be out of your price range. If you find an apartment you like in a certain area, compare the apartment and the price of the apartment with other apartments.

A guarantor is a very important criterion in the development of a rental file. It is the person who acts as guarantor, that is to say, who undertakes to pay the rent of the tenant if the latter is unable to pay it. Understanding how to rent an apartment in France might seem overwhelming, but it will all be worth it in the end! The administrative side of things is never simple when you’re an expat, but once you’re settled in and living the dream, you’ll never look back. It Is important to note that furnished apartments come in varying degrees of furnished so check what is included when visiting the property. It is also important to note that unfurnished apartments may come without a kitchen or with a partially furnished kitchen.

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Even things like overnight guests, pool privileges and parking lot access might get a mention. The guarantor must present certain assets, in particular financial, to have weight in a rental file. The guarantor is like insurance that guarantees the landlord that the payment of the rent will be guaranteed each month. It is often asked to add the last payslips of the guarantor, or any document referring to real estate properties. In short, it is necessary to gather all the proof of the solvency of the guarantor which allows the owner to have the certainty that his rent will be paid. If the income of the tenant’s guarantors is higher than the rent, the landlord can ensure that the rent will be paid.

When departing, leave the place clean and in good condition — or you may lose some or all of your security deposit. Some owners may ask you to do minimal cleaning before you leave (for instance, stripping off bed linens or emptying the fridge). Before you commit to a rental, be clear on the details, location, and amenities (see my list of suggested questions in the sidebar). It’s not as cut and dry as your apartment will  only cost €800 per month. The one thing I didn’t know was the importance of getting a French bank account.

Keep your rental documents organized:

When scouring listing descriptions, there are a handful of keywords to keep an eye out for, some of which imply you’ll be paying a bit extra. This describes someone who typically lives on the ground floor and performs tasks like receiving packages and cleaning the building’s communal spaces. While I personally relied on a site called PAP during my hunt, as it allowed me to deal directly with the landlord (or propriétere), there are several other options. “I recommend Seloger,,, and Airbnb, and LeBonCoin can have some hidden gems, too,” says Crawford. Cadena prefers an app called Jinka, which basically centralizes all the listings on the Internet in one place and allows you to set up notifications depending on your preferences. Depending on the location of your new apartment, you will be notified of the corresponding utility companies to contact in order to set up your water, electric and gas. You’ll need to call each company individually in order to set up your account and ensure that your utilities don’t get shut off.

Rent an apartment for corporate use

If your application is approved, a surety bond will be issued, and the landlord will get protection against unpaid bills. To get a bank guarantee in France, you must contact your bank adviser and sign a bank guarantee contract.

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In France, people don’t list their apartments or houses with just one agency, but usually with several, to increase the chance of finding a good tenant. Real estate agencies usually only work in a limited area and do not cooperate with other agencies.

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