How to Clean Vinyl Records: Easy Guide for Beginners

This one from Case Logic can hold 208 discs and has a durable nylon outer shell to prevent damage if you drop it. Each disc is housed in a tight polypropylene sleeve developed by Case Logic.

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The back sheet of acrylic holds your records upright, but the front plate is angled slightly, which makes the albums easier to flip, and replicates the experience of looking at vinyl in a record store. The holder’s wooden base keeps the records from moving around too much if you accidentally bump into the table it’s on. If you’re ready to get more serious about keeping your records or CDs organized, we can help. We’ve gathered a couple of storage options for both types of media that can accommodate collections of various sizes. These shelving units are designed to look really nice right next to each other, so you can get another one as your music library grows. Swift’s songwriting catalog generated an estimated $75 million from streaming and radio play.

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If you have a CD-R drive, and want to produce your own audio CDs or CD-ROMs, one of the great things you’ve got going in your favor is the fact that software can handle all the details for you. You can say to your software, “Please store these songs on this CD,” or “Please store these data files on this CD-ROM,” and the software will do the rest. Because of this, you don’t need to know anything about CD data formatting to create your own CDs. However, CD data formatting is complex and interesting, so let’s go into it anyway. Inside the CD player, there is a good bit of computer technology involved in forming the data into understandable data blocks and sending them either to the DAC (in the case of an audio CD) or to the computer (in the case of a CD-ROM drive).

Tutorial – How to import CDs

You can keep hundreds of CDs in a drawer, or right next to your stereo instead of on a giant rack. Each sleeve looks pretty tight, but you should be able to slip the CD’s cover and liner notes alongside every disc, which would make it easy to find the album you’re looking for as you flip through. Most older CDs (and some new ones) have hard, plastic cases, which make them a lot more durable than vinyl. Still, it’s important to store them properly to avoid cracking the cases, which could crease the artwork or damage the disc. The 100% polypropylene cube measures 14.9 x 13.5 x 13.8, which is large enough to hold about 80 records (fewer if you have a lot of double albums or box sets).

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Many experts have been thinking of Swift’s business as the center of a larger economic impact that expands like concentric circles around her fans’ insatiable demand and willingness to travel to experience her concerts. The U.S. Travel Association stated in September that it believed The Eras Tour’s total economic impact will exceed $10 billion.

The CD was primarily planned as the successor to the vinyl record for playing music, rather than as a data storage medium. A Compact Disc (also known as a CD) is an optical disc used to store digital data.

Records are generally 12 x 12 inches, so the extra 1.8 inches of space up top will make them easier to grab and and pull out. Once your albums properly stored, it’ll be easy to pluck one for listening rather than hunting around for a recent find you swore was right there. Whether you sort your music by last name, genre, or year is up to you, but you can’t get to that fun part without putting in a little work. Spending on tickets and concert merchandise accounted for the lion’s share of Swift’s business this year. Swift’s The Eras Tour generated approximately $900 million in ticket sales in 2023. That figure is based on Billboard’s estimate that Swift sold 3.3 million tickets to 53 concerts in the U.S. at about $250 per ticket. An additional 13 shows in Latin America likely earned another $60 million to $75 million from 750,000 ticket.

For our next demonstration for CD to MP3 recording, we have the Apowersoft Online Converter. It features a manual audio recording function, which is similar to the UniConverter’s audio recording.

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