What Are Restroom Trailers and How Do They Operate? in Fresno, Visalia, & Merced CA

Working with electricity is never a good idea if you’re inexperienced. Partnering with a professional electrician will also help save time. Each truck within our fleet is equipped with a two-wheel hand cart. Read more about luxury restroom trailer rentals here. Most handcarts can be found mounted to the front of your vehicle and should be used whenever physically possible. Always avoid pushing or dragging the units,as this can cause damage to pavements and early muscle fatigue. The most obvious difference is that it is far more spacious inside. It has wheels on the back which makes it easy to hitch it to the back of a truck or another vehicle.

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So, if you have a party that will last eight hours, you may want to double your numbers. This could mean going with four porta potties for an all-day family reunion of 100 people rather than two. The exterior of our mobile toilet trailers is a blank canvas, ready to display your event logos, sponsors, or other promotional materials.

Essential Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

If your event is a little more upscale, you may want to have a nice porta potty option that is more like a standard restroom than something obviously portable. These restrooms look like small buildings, so it’s less obvious that they’re porta-potties.

The last step of the pumping process is to reattach your wand, go into the trailer, and insert the wand directly into each toilet, wiping down the toilet seat once done. This important and often overlooked step helps collect any additional waste that may have mounded directly under each toilet’s flapper valve. By skipping this important step, we run the risk of toilets prematurely overflowing and clogging before the waste tank is full.

Unloading the Restroom

This can create a company bond between the employees that can last and help them become a better team. Planning an outdoor event is a great way to celebrate a particular day, hold a fundraiser for a nonprofit cause, or recognize a team who reached a specific goal. Using a large outdoor venue enables a planner to have the freedom to organize things however they wish. You can decorate however you want by using an outdoor venue with a clean slate. If, how much, and how long your guests will be drinking alcohol can greatly impact the number of porta-potty rentals you need.

It’s a basic porta potty, but it’s on a trailer that can be towed by most trucks. It features a handwash station on the outside of the toilet that meets OSHA regulations. Compliance with local regulations is vital in the portable restroom rental industry. You must obtain the necessary permits and licenses to operate your business legally.

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