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The Flu: How Long Are You Contagious?

The very young and very old are at elevated danger to develop pneumonia when they get the flu. Most kids can deal with the infection, but those with cerebral palsy, lung illnesses similar to cystic fibrosis and even asthma are prone to secondary bacterial infections that result in hospitalizations.

What should I do if I get sick?

The droplets can land in your mouth or nose if you’re inside six toes of them. You may additionally develop the sickness should you inhale flu germs or contact contaminated surfaces after which make contact along with your mouth, nostril, or eyes. As a end result, the virus can multiply in your body and lead to the onset of symptoms. Sometimes (though, less often) an individual can even catch the flu by touching a floor or object that has the flu virus on it, after which afterward touching their very own mouth, eyes, or nostril.

Wash your hands

As a general rule, the presence of signs is an effective method to inform in case you are still contagious. Until signs clear, it is best to consider your self contagious and take steps to avoid infecting others. But you might discover that other signs like chest discomfort, cough or sore throat are more distinguished now. If you’re not sure when you have the flu or if you’re on the lookout for residence remedy advice, call your health care provider’s nurse line. If you’re wondering what else you can take for the flu, there are antivirals like Tamiflu that could be effective.


Some seasons are way more severe than traditional seasonal influenza. This tends to happen when new influenza strains come up and trigger influenza pandemics.

One drawback is that the symptoms of influenza look similar to different infections, similar to respiratory syncytial virus and rhinovirus. However, the chance of dying from influenza has declined substantially over time because of improved sanitation, healthcare, and vaccination. If everybody around you is falling unwell, you’re already spending your days dodging germs. How do you keep as healthy as potential if you’re caring for a spouse or youngster who’s sick? Fortunately, there are steps you can take to assist prevent the unfold of germs and maintain yourself wholesome. Some years it’s more practical than others, but it never hurts to have an extra layer of protection towards what proves to be a life threatening sickness for hundreds of individuals every year. Seasonal flu is a viral infection that tends to begin spreading in the fall and hits its peak in the course of the winter months.

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