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You can calculate the shipping cost from China according to the shipping method you are going to use. If you prefer this method for your shipment from China, you must be prepared for some extra duties. Such as you have to deal with the paper works and customs clearance on your own, unlike the courier services. In some cases, it is better to bring your shipment from China by air. Products are having dimensions less than one cubic meter are typically best for air shipments.

If you are shipping over a weekend, there is a chance the days will not be counted, as FedEx only ships during Saturdays in some regions of the US, and not all. First and foremost, a freight forwarder based in China, like Guided Imports, will have rates far lower than what a US or international freight forwarder can typically offer. And that’s because our rates have been negotiated for the Chinese market, and not the United States. Read more about Shipping Cost From China to UK here. Most products shipped from China to Europe have a 2 to 6 percent import duty. Note that all imports from China are subject to a 19% duty in Germany. Another crucial thing is to make sure the goods are not prohibited. Customs has the right to confiscate and destroy your products if you import non-compliant goods (i.e., ones without the proper labels or documentation).

Shipping From China how

The two basic factors that impact shippers around the world are cost and transit time. To manage both, visit, and get access to find ship schedules, plan your shipment routes, and request freight quotes. Last year, shipping costs in China jumped by roughly 360 %, significantly affecting businesses that rely on shipping from China. There are a number of reasons why shipping from China is so expensive. But greater shipping demand and a container shortage are the main two reasons behind it. But for the majority of business LCL sea shipping is the cheapest shipping from China.

If you are not in a hurry to get the parcel, a special line can work for you as well. This will depend on the container weight, the route taken to ship the container, and current shipping rates. You may also have to pay additional fees depending on the specific items being shipped in the container. For specific questions like this, we recommend contacting DFH Logistics for a free quote so we can best help you estimate your costs.

What customs duties and taxes will I owe when shipping from China to the UK?

You should also be aware of the packaging and labeling requirements for your products so that they can pass customs in your country. There are also many forms to sign when importing from China and a good forwarder will help you understand everything about freight. Express shipping via an international courier like FedEx, UPS, DHL or TNT is the fastest and most reliable way to ship from China to the United States. However, the fastest regular post option is China International EMS which takes between 3-15 days. If you need to ship small parcels less than 5 pounds from China to the US, there are 3 main options for you to choose from. The best way to ship from China to the United States for bulk shipments depends on the weight of your shipment and the speed you require. Here are the typical number of days it takes to ship from China to the US depending on the method.

Sending products in bulk to a local warehouse can save on shipping costs, but it requires storage space and handling fees. Sending products directly to the consumer means no need for storage space or handling fees, effective product is likely lost in transit. Suppose you’re shipping time-sensitive items or need to guarantee delivery by a specific date. If the weight of sourced products is too large for couriers, example 500kg, air shipment might be the best bet. International trade can be a tricky business, but it also can bring you profit beyond imagination, and which country is better than China to start your international trading? We hope our guide of ‘arrange shipping from China’ helped you a bit on how to import product from China. So, now as you know something about the process of shipping products from China, it’s time to take some action and bring your shipment from China.

How much does courier service cost for each kilogram?

Very often land shipping is combined with air freight and ocean freight for door-to-door service. As a result of the fast delivery, the air freight can be expensive compared with other shipping methods. This style of door-to-door delivery from China requires significant investment in warehousing. Also, it is risky to pay for and ship products before customers have purchased anything.

If you want guaranteed fast delivery, then express shipping via FedEx, UPS, DHL or TNT is your best choice. If you need your products as quickly as possible, express shipping is your best choice. Otherwise, ePacket shipping will give you the best bang for your money. Read more about Shipping to USA From China here. With sea freight, you also have to hire a customs agent and arrange for last mile transport from the port to your warehouse. But overall, air freight is a good compromise in terms of speed and cost for medium sized shipments. With express shipping, you can receive your packages in less than 5 days.

For fragile or valuable items, expedited shipping may be worth paying to ensure they arrive intact and timely. Express freight is a category of freight services that involves transporting goods using rapid delivery methods. The main benefit of this kind of freight service is the delivery speed, which is faster than other delivery options. Different forwarding and shipping companies may quote different rates based on their services and available capacity. Always get quotes from different providers and pick the one that suits the products you are looking to ship and your timelines.

Typically the agency will notify you five days before your shipment arrives at the port for sea freight. And for air freight, you will be notified when the plane takes off. This is an excellent option if you want to save money and put the product in your warehouse as fast as possible. Suppose you are an importer from Dubai, then you can hire a freight forwarder in Dubai and another one in China. Many clients from the middle easily ask us, “How to ship from China? There are three types of shipping methods available in china besides Regular Post.

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