How to Start a Career in Post-Production Audio

By looking at the structure and style of the song, you can begin to understand how different elements work together. The art of music production has changed over the years with the advent of digital audio workstations (DAWs). Read more about FL Studio Presets for Vocals here. These digital music creation stations have made song production more accessible. However, they have also inundated the industry with tracks that are miles away from greatness. As a music producer, you need to know about frequencies, notes, chords, arrangement, mixing, and what sounds work together to form a complete track.

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The number of hours you practice each day will depend on your individual goals and skill level, but the most important thing is to practice consistently and focus on improving your skills. If you want to see my complete breakdown on whether or not you should go to college for music production, then read my article here. If you’re planning to record any sound, you’ll need a microphone. Microphones are situational, some are better for recording guitars, some better for vocals. If the room you’re producing in has a lot of reflection, standing waves and boominess, no matter how much you spend on your speakers, these issues won’t go away, and will translate onto your mixes.

Why is Dolby Atmos quieter than other music audio formats? And why it’s a good thing

Each instrument has its own space within the mix, and a successful audio engineer knows how to make them all play nicely together. I spent countless hours studying the physics of sound, understanding how different audio equipment works, and learning how to balance the technical and artistic aspects of sound.

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A photographer probably only uses 10-20% of what Photoshop can do, and a web designer similarly uses 10-20%, and yet they both use Photoshop very differently. Our resources comprise articles, PDFs, Tips, Courses, Sounds, and Presets to make the music production process more accessible. Sounds such as thunder, wind or water generate immediate emotions in us. Conversely, emotions such as joy or sadness can be best expressed with music. Read more about Vocal Presets here. Hands and ears are the most important tools of the classical musician and for this reason, there are many relative musicians who are blind and play at the highest level. Those who rely exclusively on the computer for music production are depriving themselves of one of their best tools.

This serves as a demo reel for potential employers and clients — an audio resume with professional content that highlights the graduate’s talent and skill. While there is a wealth of information at your fingertips via the internet, it’s not always easy to actually leverage that information and use it to jump-start your career.

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