How to Pray in Islam with Pictures

As a result, Islamic art has always been more concerned with calligraphy and geometric themes than sculpture and painting. Islamic architecture can inspire contemporary architecture because it has its unique charm. If you dig deep down to the base of this charm, you will find it has a lot to do with geometric Islamic patterns. My grandfather, Late Islam Ahmad, was a friend of Dr Abdul Kalam and even today recalls the time he spent with Dr Kalam when they were in school. The blue patterns in the form a dome is inspired by the Sultan Ahmet Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, also known as the Blue Mosque. Click here to read some interesting stories of how modern Muslim youth think about arranged marriages.

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This might be one of the most important aspects of the Mehndi party. Make sure you have a playlist ready with hype songs that people can dance to. Hiring a DJ is a good idea, but if you opt to have your own sound system, put someone in charge who can handle the music on the day of the event. In terms of the dances, make sure your family and friends have their choreography prepared. Don’t forget to introduce the dancers before each dance and leave time at the end of the party for an open dance floor.

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We asked women in our FB group (Productive Muslimaat) – “WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST STRUGGLE IN SALAH (particularly praying on time)”? And most women said that it was their children because of whom they struggle to pray on time.

Designing and equipping sacred spaces and writing religious texts are all examples of religious forms. In its earliest forms, it was influenced by Roman, early Christian, and Sassanian art; Chinese influences can also be seen in Islamic painting, pottery, and fabrics.

The Pattern in Islamic Art

The dances are a form of friendly competition between both sides of the family. Women often sit on the ground in front of the couple singing songs and playing the dhol (a type of drum) surrounded by colorful throw pillows and festive décor. Formal personal prayers can be done during a window of time between the start of one required daily prayer and the start of the following scheduled prayer.

Conversion to Islam

My job at Cognizant requires frequent trips to customer locations in the US. While I am religious I am not for wearing my religion on my sleeves. I like watching Bollywood movies and read books on business as well as fiction. The design of the comprehensive Muslim marriage biodata format was inspired by Islamic architecture and art. Women tend to include lifestyle preferences in the context of religious requirements. Some women prefer not to wear the hijab after marriage while others, with a more traditional outlook on life, prefer to wear the hijab. I am a Muslim that has been living in North America for more than a decade.

Calligraphy, human and animal figures, plant and floral motifs, and geometric designs are Islamic art’s four main decorative elements. All sorts of surfaces are decorated with these designs, individually or in various combinations.

Handicapped Matrimony Profiles – 5 Samples You Can Copy Now!

And this fitra is a part of each child – competing in all things good! You know what’s best about raising your eldest child in the light of Islam? It’s their passion to teach their younger siblings all the things they have been taught. The trouble of maintaining khushoo during salah while one kid hangs onto your hijab and the other is trying to pull him/her away (in an attempt to help mama). The hardship of keeping your cool during salah while the kids fight with each other. If you are already a Muslim and if you want to issue the official document, you may obtain the Islam Embracing Certificate from the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department . You should contact your embassy and ask them for the legal procedure for documenting a change of religion.

We reached out to IFANCA (Islamic Food And Nutrition Council Of America – A Halal Certifying Agency in America) to ask them about the process of preparing halal meat. For an animal to be legitimately halal to eat, it must be treated with respect and dignity prior to its salughter. We realize that simply saying “the animal must be treated with respect” is too broad and simply sounds politically correct at this point.

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