How To Make Money in the Scrap Metal Industry

Need to collect scrap throughout a renovation or demolition job? Have one of our roll-off dumpsters delivered to your worksite. Sgt. Scrap also accepts cars and trucks at our auto salvage yard, and we offer a recycling service for household appliances. Our expert team is available to answer any questions you have about the scrapping process. While this step uses more energy than the earlier ones, it’s still less than what would be required to produce metals using virgin raw materials.

Four major steps take place to recycle metal so that it can be used again. Scrap is melted in a large furnace, and after the metals have been melted down into a liquid state, they get poured into molds to create ingots, or a small bar or brick of solid metal. Small shredded metals have a large surface to volume ratio and can be melted using less energy than it would take to mine for virgin ore. Another reason to not dispose of metals improperly is that you don’t want scrap to end up in landfills. These metals contain toxic chemicals like mercury that can pose risks to the soil and water near the landfill. To ensure quality, the metals are purified from any contaminants. Shredding the metal makes the melting process easier because, when the pieces are smaller, it creates a larger surface-to-volume ratio.

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You will never find tin in plumbing pipes because it is easily bent. If you cannot identify a piece of metal by its characteristics, consider its original purpose to determine its specific type. A metal’s magnetic response can tell you whether it’s ferrous or non-ferrous. Hold a regular magnet to a piece of metal you want to identify. Ferrous metal contains iron and is attracted to magnets, so you can identify it as an iron alloy if the magnet sticks to the metal. Non-ferrous metal is without iron and is not attracted to magnets. If a magnet does not stick to a piece of metal, it is a non-magnetic metal such as brass or aluminum.

In doing so, it will make the recycling process that much easier. Assuming that I need to have scrap metal recycled, I will remember to ensure it is properly packed and segregated. If your Maricopa County business produces metal scrap, you need a trustworthy metal recycling company like CRI on your team. We understand every manufacturing environment is unique and that’s why we tailor your recycling program to your specific needs. A few features of ferrous metal is that it’s incredibly durable, contains iron, and can stick to a magnet. The United States produced more than 19 million tons of ferrous scrap metal in 2018.

The Advantages of Recycling Metal

At Sgt. Scrap, we provide transparent, competitive pricing, and we make it easy for you to trade in your scrap for cash. You can drop off your material at one of our two NJ facilities, or you can schedule a mobile pickup.

Know What Metals You Can Recycle

The burning process ‌makes all the scrap metal have the same density. What’s even better about the shredding process when you have an industrial shredder is that there is minimal work required. So not only are you going to ‌shred scrap metal on-site, but you’ll have a system that’s easy to use. Recycling scrap metal is labor intensive, which means it is an opportunity to create jobs within an industry that is cyclical.

If you manage or purchase for large projects, you may not see the benefit. Depending on the size, condition and type of construction or demolition scrap metal, you may be able to donate it to charitable organizations like Habitat for Humanity. Metal fixtures from hotel renovations or used metal appliances from facility maintenance projects are perfect examples of donatable scrap. From selling metal racking for rebates to recycling old copper and brass from hotel renovations, we show you the safest and easiest ways to remove scrap metal from your jobsite.

Frequent Metal Recycling Questions

Because pure lead is so difficult to come by, you’ll be able to make a lot of money from it. You can use any sort of vehicle to haul scrap to the yard, even a bicycle. If you take your scrap in a closed vehicle, like an SUV or hatchback, unloading is on you. The melting point will determine how long it takes for shredded metal to become molten metal. For the process to go faster, the amount of the shredded metal being processed ‌can be reduced. In order to make melting easier the metal will need to be cut down into smaller shapes. Once it has been prepared it is then ready to go to the next stage of the process.

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