How to Install Clip-In Hair Extensions: A Step-by-Step Video Guide

Extensions that are glued in individually typically look the most natural and are often the most expensive. Let’s start from the very beginning with how to fit your clip-in hair extensions. The secret is to ensure that your natural locks are prepped correctly; follow these easy steps, and we promise that your clip-ins will stay secure all day. Clip-in hair extensions are the perfect style for anyone who is looking for a quick way to add length and volume to their hair.

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Heat styling is very popular when it comes to adding flair to your hair. For this reason, many ladies use a curling iron or a flat iron regularly. One would even say that it’s necessary if you want to achieve good styling, even though it can be damaging to natural hair and extensions alike. After washing your hair extensions, place them in a clean, dry towel, and wrap the towel around to squeeze any excess water. Clip-in hair extensions also look really beautiful when curled. The additional volume that clip-ins give your hair gives you a stunning bouncy curl.


Many people are under the false impression that they are not supposed to wash their extensions. First things first, you want to make sure you brush your clip in extension regularly. This is especially important to do before you wash your hair extensions, but is vital if you want to prevent tangles and unnecessary breakage. Always store your hair extensions at night, and never sleep in your hair extentions. Sleeping in your clip-in hair extensions can cause them to mat together with your natural hair, damaging both your own hair and your extensions.

Shampoo and Condition

With its nylon and boar bristles, you can glide easily over extension attachments and distribute the scalp’s oils throughout the hair. Plus, it’s the only brush designed specifically to work with all hair extensions. For some, brushing seems more like an arm workout than a relaxing self-care activity, especially when you add extensions to the mix. When bonds are holding whole sections of strands together, it’s tough to access the scalp’s natural oils. Without the proper brushing care, the risk of tangling, knotting, breakage, and dry, brittle hair increases.

Clip-in Ponytails

Different kinds of extensions call for specific ways of taking care of them. For example, synthetic hair extensions follow rules that are different from those of human hair extensions. Read more about weave hair here. The most popular type of permanent hair extensions are tape-in extensions!.

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