How to Design the Ideal Layout for Your Yard

It’s time to add sketches to your notes so you can see what’s there and generate new ideas for the best options. It’s a low-cost way to explore possibilities and prevent costly mistakes. You can create a base map for your landscape layout either on paper or on your computer with an online program or downloadable application. Either way, it’s important to have a visual representation of your thoughts. Moving down the sidebar is a section with information on any revisions that have been done, a compass arrow to help orient you, and details about the property. There is also a scale that designates how the dimensions on the landscape plan translate to the dimensions in the real landscape. The scale can be used to find out the size of the different landscape elements by converting inches into feet.

Water fountains and waterfalls cost about $1,140 to $3,690 to install. Besides design services, landscape material costs are also a factor adding significantly to project costs. Here are some of the most popular materials and their costs.

Designing a garden yourself is a satisfying, pocket-friendly option that will allow you to get really creative. Getting started on your garden design early on in the year is crucial if you want it ready for landscaping, planting out and enjoying the warmer months in. Depending on your climate, ideally, you’ll want to avoid working in the rainy season also. ‘January, February and even March are the perfect times to sit down with a cuppa, a blank piece of paper or your laptop and get your thinking cap on. Sometimes, paper cut outs in different shapes, representing a table and chairs or a shed, can be moved around until you find the right balance’ adds Lane. Experts suggest that good landscape design can increase home value between 5.5 percent and 12.7 percent compared to a property with no landscaping.

As a landscape designer, you’re advised not to overuse focal points to create a visually appealing landscape that won’t overwhelm the senses. Be creative with it, and you’ll create interesting focal points. Landscape design is the arrangement and modification of landscapes, urban areas, or garden features. It entails the creation of urban and rural landscapes through the planning, designing, and management of open spaces. JR Rapp is the Director of Business Development at Structure Studios, where he adeptly helps improve lives through 3D experiences.

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This was a slope down here which resulted in a seasonally wet area. And then I also at the very back of the bed I have some English Ivy that I really need to keep at bay because it can become kind of invasive. You might need to control erosion, or you might want to be capturing rainwater in a certain part of the garden or attracting beneficial insects, butterflies, pollinators. You could just go out, buy a bunch of plants, and then decide where to plant them when you get home. It will also include the hard and softscape elements that you have discussed. This will definitively tell you if you have maximized your landscape to its full potential.

How do I create a design plan for my front yard?

Have you imagined a perfect outdoor space you’d love to build? At an average landscape design cost of $4,590, homeowners can get a design package to remodel their property’s front or backyard. Professional landscape design costs $5 to $45 per square foot but can go as low as $0.05 per square foot for large areas. Although it can be practical when you need garden design services for only a section of your outdoor space, this per-square-foot pricing structure is rare. It can be intimidating to have to study every single item going into your outdoor space, but there are tricks you can use to make things easier.

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EYA’s specialty is high density, dynamic communities, with a philosophy of life within walking distance. Their mission for residents is to create socially successful communities where people can easily mingle and get to know each other. So when working with EYA, we aim to create spaces that are rooted in the broader community and ensure that every available space contributes to the goal of building a tight-knit neighborhood. We love it when our landscapes are enjoyed not only by everyone who lives there, but also those who visit.

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So, expect to pay more in Hawaii, Washington, Massachusetts, California, and New York and less in Mississippi, Kansas, or Alabama. Some landscape architects and designers start with a flat fee for the design plan, then charge an hourly rate while overseeing construction. Others use a flat fee for the initial consultation and shift to charging by the hour for all following stages. You might also receive landscape design offers with the price included as a percentage of the total landscaping cost, after the cost of materials and installation. This typically ranges from 15% to 20% and varies with project size and value. Is there anything that stands out to you about EYA’s approach to landscape design?

Cost of popular landscape design materials

Creating a woodland landscaping style at home can be a beautiful and rewarding project. This style perfectly mimics a forest’s natural beauty and serene atmosphere. “This way, customers can stop at any phase if they don’t like you or the ideas, and you get paid for what you did,” Shilan explains. For example, you would charge for the first meeting and site analysis. Then, you would charge a flat fee for a concept plan and so on until you reach the final plan. “Although more cumbersome, charging hourly is probably the most accurate method for billing all the time you work on a project,” Cohan says.

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And, if this is your forever home, you can prepare for a bigger change and for a garden that will come into its own over the next few years, and that might even add to your property value. You might want to establish a cottage garden or add sculptural features that you will be able to upkeep for a really contemporary outdoor space complete with a vegetable patch and the like. This will naturally be more work and more costly to begin with, but very much worth it. Yards can end up looking empty and neglected, but a well-planned design can result in a haven for homeowners to be proud of. Thoughtful landscaping utilizes the open space in the best way possible, making it more attractive and functional. Optimizing outdoor areas with smart landscaping can breathe new life into a property, adding color, greenery, and more places to sit back and relax. One of our in-house designers will use the information to create a design that you can review and revise.

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