How to Build Your Own House: A Step-by-Step Guide

Every tier requires general liability insurance, though the amount that’s required varies. Workers’ comp is also required for business with three or more employees.

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This massive industry provides jobs to millions of people across the country and is projected to continue growing in the coming years. By working with a construction company, businesses and individuals can benefit from the industry’s experience, quality workmanship, and cost savings. Retention payments aren’t the only flaw in the construction payment process.

Bid Coach: Why Should Construction Contractors Attend Pre-Bid Meetings?

Without enough manpower, you won’t have the capacity to take on more work. And if you do, your current staff will become overwhelmed and eventually leave. Set an annual hiring budget so you can expand your team and grow your construction business.

Copies of timesheets or certified payroll reports

The construction bidding process can vary widely from one project to the next. Bidding for a federal government project will likely require a different level of complexity than bidding on a commercial project for a small business owner.

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Since bids require more research than a quote, the construction bidding process has more steps and may involve meeting with the client and visiting the job site. As the Customer Success Manager at Groundwork, Christian brings years of experience working in customer success for software companies in the residential contracting industry. His in-depth knowledge of our customers enables him to approach problem-solving with a unique perspective. When he’s not working, Christian enjoys spending quality time with his growing family in the Indianapolis area. Each contractor team is made of different people that specialize in various project areas. Some may split the difference smoothly between construction and detailed landscaping.

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