How to Build a Cleaning Services Website- A Complete Guide

Determining how much to charge for house cleaning is an important aspect of starting or growing a cleaning business. By following the 3 steps outlined in this house cleaning pricing guide, you can determine the best price for your services.

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Who are your target clients?

Before shopping for cleaning products or scheduling your first clients, you need to consider how your cleaning company will operate, grow, and present itself. Your business plan is an opportunity to dream about where you see your business in the future and set plans for how to get there. To grow your cleaning business successfully, it’s important to reinvest your profits back into the company. Instead of keeping all the money for yourself, use it to buy more equipment, hire more staff, and advertise your services.

Step 6. Invest your profits back into your house cleaning business to grow

Depending on the services you offer, a local business might be willing to contract your services on a recurring basis. The IRS requires a business to provide a 1099 contract to individuals who provide services exceeding $600 annually.

Calculate Labor Costs

There are plenty of home service websites available where you can promote your cleaning business and get clients. Thumbtack and Handy are two specialized marketplaces where homeowners can request quotes from local businesses. While the competition is higher in online marketplaces, and prices for services are usually lower, they’re a good place to start looking for clients and building your reputation. Payroll services take care of distributing wages on your behalf, and usually charge reasonable fees. For a small to medium sized business, expect to pay around $50-$100 per month base fee, plus a per-worker charge of $5-$15. That means for a company with five employees, payroll expenses will cost about $150 per month.

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