How the Auto Transport Process Works

A reputable car shipping company will give you a three-to-five-day window, depending on the overall distance of the shipment. Always make sure you know exactly how much a car shipping company will charge and what additional charges are included in the price. If your car is running, you will get a better auto shipping price from car shippers for the allotted distance.

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Not only do they have to meet customer deadlines but also have to keep them updated as to where their cars are at any point of time in transit. Keeping customers updated in real time is one of the key responsibilities of the vehicle transport companies. The carriers that bid on your job sometimes submit unrealistic prices so you’ll choose them and then raise the price after you’ve booked. You may pay a deposit that can’t be refunded and get stuck with an expensive car company you thought had low rates. Some individuals cannot attend to their car delivery when it gets to the vehicle terminal. When this occurs, the car owner must sign off on a suitable alternative person to fulfill this need.

Guaranteed scheduling may increase the car transport cost.

This makes communication easier because you don’t have to go through a chain of people anytime you want an update about your shipment. Besides that, there’s no room for important information being lost in the way. The first step to ship a car is knowing when and where you need your vehicle transported. From there, you ‌ contact several vehicle transport companies and provide them with the ‌information to prepare an accurate shipping quote. Here are a few examples of the information you’ll need to provide for an accurate car shipping quote.

Comparing Price and Services

We work exclusively with reliable carriers that meet our strict standards for safety and professionalism. The busiest times in the auto transport industry are typically the summer and January. Read more about European vehicle recovery here. People tend to relocate to new homes more in the summer, which drives up demand for auto shipping. In January, some folks like to move to warmer climates and take their vehicles with them.

Additionally, a few of our partners in the industry can offer deliveries to specific locations for an extra fee. You will need it to facilitate receiving the vehicle at the endpoint. It will also have the inspection notes you’ll want to compare to the car’s condition when dropped off to see if any damages have occurred. It should include the type of vehicle (car, truck, SUV, etc.), the make and model, the year, your license plate number, and the color. The key identifier is to be included in the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). These unique numbers ensure no confusion, even if a second vehicle with an identical make, model and color is loaded. Six pieces of information are a must-have for every bill of lading.

When shipping the race car to the track, hiring an enclosed transport van from an auto transport company may be extremely helpful. A priceless stock car shouldn’t be mounted prominently on the back of a vehicle transportation truck. Having a grasp of the company’s shipping conditions practically eases you the stress of selecting the one that meets your level of satisfactions.

Many transporters also specialize in the safe transportation of classic cars, ensuring your treasured Ford Model T or Packard 120 arrives securely. For those dealing with auction cars, uShip can connect you with professional transporters experienced in shipping to and from car auctions.

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