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If a platform is customised to you and your business, you will likely be more satisfied with the solution. Scheduling software makes it easy to record hours and payroll data, providing valuable insight into current and future expenses. Some payroll support solutions can even be integrated with your scheduling system. One of the primary benefits of staff scheduling software is being able to quickly create, view and modify schedules, handle vacation requests and keep in contact with employees about scheduling needs. Some programs include automatically populating fields, which help you spend less time manually entering names and numbers.

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Your employees’ hours worked can be automatically logged and calculated, minimizing the chance of incorrect pay. For example, you could limit employees to a maximum of one or two swaps per week or month. You can also restrict the number of consecutive shifts that can be swapped. These limits help ensure that the primary schedule you created is still largely followed.


To avoid overstaffing or understaffing, implementing employee scheduling software is crucial. This will allow you to effectively allocate work hours and ensure that you have the right number of employees scheduled at any given time. By optimizing staffing levels, you can minimize labor costs while still maintaining productivity and efficiency. Additionally, this strategy helps in avoiding unnecessary overtime expenses and reducing employee turnover by providing a balanced workload for your employees. Streamline your employee scheduling process with advanced software to optimize staffing levels and reduce labor costs.

What are the advantages of using employee scheduling software?

There are a million different options for every type of software when browsing the market, so it’s very important to know which application will better suit you, your team, and your business. Here are 9 different employee scheduling applications for you to look at. If the software implemented is wrong, or does not fit the business needs, then all the time consumed on learning the software is wasted. Implementing a new software would seem wasteful and less likely to happen, even if the alternative software is a better fit. The more complicated the process gets in installing software, the greater the energy and time spent adapting to it. The best employee scheduling software for any business is one that can be implemented with ease.

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Read more about Employee Scheduling Software here. Yes, you can attach documents, spreadsheets, and files to the Trello cards, but this is more of a distribution channel than an app that can actually streamline and simplify the scheduling process. That’s the premise behind the last (and best) free employee scheduling software tool on this list. So while native calendar software is a large step in the right direction, it still shouldn’t be classified as the best free (or paid) employee scheduling software option. When making your schedule, there are a number of factors that you have to consider. Any free employee scheduling software worth its salt should take those changing elements into account, too. Things can slip through the cracks – staff availability preferences, time off requests, last minute call-ins.

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